Sri Sathguru Sangeetha Vidyalayam


The institution which bears the name of great Saint Composer Sri Thyagaraja (Sathguru), cherishes his traditions and render outstanding service in the field of Performing Arts. From its inception, the Vidyalayam has been the beacon light of Carnatic music in Madurai, which has been the preserver of the aesthetics of South-Indian Traditional Music and the culture. This helps the students observe and learn the tradition from their teachers, the quintessential aspects of music comprehensively along with the life skills to present themselves as musicians.

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South India has been the foster -mother of many fine arts, thanks to some of the past rulers, who had themselves been not only patrons of music and dance but eminent musicians and composers. Hence the fine arts flourished then in leaps and bounds. Our vision is to follow in their footsteps and protect the cultural heritage and classical arts through effective teaching of the excellent, experienced teachers, who are dedicated to the noble cause of promoting these valuable arts. Our main vision is to make the posterity know, learn and appreciate the beauty of these brilliant arts and produce many musicians and dancers, who will preserve the glory of these arts and will not admit them to vanish into thin air. While the research scholars would be guided to delve deep into the ocean of music to gather novel information, other students of music will be taught to understand and enjoy music and the committed teachers will inculcate in them an indelible desire to know more about music and dance.

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Our main goal is to spread the light of music everywhere and illumine by raising and supporting the true lovers of these ancient arts. It is true that music is the food of love and the love of mankind!

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Founder of the College


President - Sri B.Ganapathi Sarma
Secretary - Sri S.Venkatanarayanan
Principal (IC) - Sri N.S. Saminathan