Sri Sathguru Sangeetha Vidyalayam

The motto Sarvam Anandamayam - The Vidyalayam Coat of arms means, Cosmos is a manifestation of Ananda - the fruition of music which leads to a state of bliss. The Mrudanga is a symbol of Nada and coupled with Jyothi, and placed at the bottom, symbolises the rise of Nada from the Mooladharam of human beings. Thyagaraja represents, the development of divine music and Pranava ??um" is the coping stone of the entire arch of human progress. The Lotus on either side symbolises the rise of human spirit from the muddy bottom of our lower nature to achieve Purity and Mangalakaram (auspiciousness). The lion stands for Power and vehicle to achieve the purpose and Elephant head stands for wisdom and success.

The colours of the Vidyalayam are white, blue and golden yellow symbolising Purity, love and Mangalakaram (auspiciousness).